Saturday, October 23, 2010

Utah Canyonlands Trip

We saw things we've never seen before. It's embarrassing to admit this since we have lived in Utah so much of our lives. Why have we never seen this before? Hopefully it's not the last time.

It was a similar experience when we visited LDS historical sites. Why doesn't every member go out of their way to see this at least once in their lives? Palmyra and Navoo should be like Mecca.

Zion is amazing! Standing at the base of 1000 foot vertical cliffs...! It's difficult to depict in a single image. Click on the following to see it full-size.

That's Carolyn at the bottom. I'm standing behind a sheet of dripping water from the "Weeping Rocks."

Zion is eminently available just by stepping out of your car and looking up.

Bryce, on the other hand, is much less available that way. You have to walk to it. I want to come down here again and spend days just hiking the trails through the fairy land. Carolyn says I have to bring Lawrence with me -- or someone. Besides her.

I would have had Carolyn take a picture of me standing on top of it, except for....

Glen Canyon Dam's a bit intimidating for someone like me who suffers from vertigo. I had to sneak the camera over the edge and take a picture straight down without actually looking myself.

Just looking at the picture gives me the willies.

You can both drive over and walk over this bridge, as seen from the top of the dam.

We decided not to walk over it. (Driving was bad enough.)

Huge Lake Powell, created by the dam, has more coast line than the Pacific coast of the US. It's difficult to get a feeling for it from any single picture. It was considered an environmental disaster in the 60's. You don't hear anything about that today, and you won't hear about it from any guide, history, or presentation here, either.

We drove rather quickly through Monument Valley.

Mexican Hat. Photographer: Carolyn Callister Head
This one's going to find it's way onto our wall someday.

Our brand new, luxury, gold Taurus went over 100,000 miles in Blanding.

Our final (and my true) destination: The only Utah temple I hadn't ever been to:

Monticello Temple

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Amy said...

I'm glad you guys went. Looks like you had fun! Jeff and I would love to go there some day. You should go on more trips like this :)